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Our tutors 

Our tutors are Cambridge certified with experience of working in a wide range of educational settings both in the UK and abroad. 

They have an extensive knowledge of their subject and work with authentic exam material. 

Individual investment 

Our courses are tailored to each students individual needs. We specialize in helping students catch up if they have gaps in their education. We offer full online support to any students preparing for an exam. 

Online learning 

Our lessons take place via skype and Zoom. Tutors use a range of facilities such as screen sharing, online whiteboards, You tube and educational games websites. 

Lesson material and assignments are uploaded to Google classroom, where students work is scheduled and graded. 

Success stories 

Students who have studied with us have been successfully accepted into colleges, passed their exams and been offered employment following job interviews. 

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''Mary is a great teacher, very patient, fun, careful. I liked and learned so much in her classes. I worked in London PT College with her, and she is a great co worker, very friendly, professional and creative. ''

- Amanda, Brazil 

"She is a really good teacher, very professional and friendly. The best one I've ever had.'' 

- Maria, Spain 

"We will  definitely recommend her to anyone who endeavors to enrich their comprehension and enhance their grades in English by getting visible results within no time. ''

Dmitris - UK